**Free collection and delivery for Cheswick Village or Stoke Park addresses **

Kitchen Scissors £5.00 

Hairdressing  and Dog Grooming Scissors £15.00 (bevel edge, semi-convex and fully convex)

Tailoring Shears (large) £10.00 

Small scissors (cuticle etc.) £3.00

Kitchen Knives £0.50 per 25mm (1”) 

Ceramic or heavy-duty knives £1.50 per 25mm (1”) 

Pizza/Fabric cutting wheels £3.00 

Woodworking chisels less than 25mm (1") - £4.00  (Primary bevel only)

Woodworking chisels greater than 25mm (1") - £5.00 (Primary bevel only)

Planer Irons and blades from £4.00

Circular saw blades £0.30 per tooth and capped at £15.00

Secateurs, Hedge or Edging Shears and straight mower blades £5.00

Cylinder mower back-lapping £10.00 (I cannot regrind the cassette)

Woodworking turning tools such as gouges and skewers from £4.00

Cold Chisels and Axes £5.00 (Includes burr removal such as mushrooming)

Chainsaw chains from £7.00

Note: Prices do not include postage for mail service.

Sharpening includes repairs of minor damage such as nicks or chips in the blade. Damage that can not be repaired under the sharpening price will be quoted separately. If you are unsure if your item can be repaired or not DM, call or email me.

Payment - contactless card, online payment link, BACS transfer, cheque, or cash accepted.