I operate a small-scale sharpening business from home.  

I am a professionally trained engineer with considerable experience in supporting mechanical systems.  I have also attended the UK Sharpening Training School, which provides approved training by Wolff Industries and The Edge Pro in the US.

The equipment I use:

Tormek T8 system and jigs.  Wet grindstone system used to prevent heat damage, ideally suited to knife sharpening and woodworking tools.

Robert Sorby ProEdge System.  This belt linisher system is extremely versatile and can be used for woodworking and garden tools or knife repairs.

Wolff Industries Ookami Gold Sharpening System. Used for industrial scissors.

Wolff Industries Hira-To Flat hone system.  Used for fully convex hairdressing and dog grooming scissors.

Wolff Industries Corru-gator.  This machine reapplies the serrations to finger blades on barbering and dog grooming scissors.

Cooper Sharp Works Precise Ride. This re-establishes the ride line on curved dog grooming scissors.

Oregon Chainsaw Sharpening SystemUsed to precision sharpen chainsaw chains.  

Things I do not sharpen: